The Back Seat Drivers are based in Richmond, Virginia. We perform at festivals, clubs, and private engagements.


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The band members are:

Paul Bland

Paul spent a lot of time as a young kid  listening to artists like Jimmy Reed, B.B King, Lighting Hopkins and Bobby Blue Bland, and at an early age “I was hooked on blues music, and started playing in bands on a Wurlitzer electric piano and Hammond organ. I have been fortunate to share the stage with touring blues artists such as Nick Moss, The Uppity Blues Women, Deborah Coleman, Ann Rabson, Tinsley Ellis and Albert Castiglia among others.”

Dick Forrest

Guitar and bass. Previously with Daddy's RadioThe Flying Saucers, The Beatnix, Illegal Smile, Granfalloon and Idlewild. Current guitar player for the monthly Crossroads RVA  Bland Street Jams.

Influences on bass are Berry Oakley, Phil Lesh and Jack Casady. Guitar influences include Andy Powell, Danny Kirwan, Steve Howe and Duane Allman.


Wayne Pryor

I started playing drums when I was 16. My influences are Ed Thigpen, Steve Gadd, Harvey Mason and Stevie Wonder. My greatest influence is my teacher and friend Alfred Waters! He taught me to be a musician just not a drummer. Debo Dabney taught me to finesse the music.   I taught "Upward Bound"  at Virginia Union for 14 years with Weldon Hill as director. We have been playing together since we were 16. I have learned so much from him and his teacher Russell Wilson. I have so much to give thanks for. I have had the opportunity to play for the Russell Wilson quartet, Weldon Hill trio, Alfred Waters trio and the Debo Dabney trio. As of now, playing for The Back Seat Drivers as we drive down the music road.


Calvin Farmer

Tenor, Alto and Baritone sax. If you didn't know better, you'd think he was just some good ol' boy. Actually, he's a professional musician who spent nine years on the road crisscrossing the country with a 1960s rock-n-roll band. . He's no lightweight, having played professionally since he was a teenager backing up the likes of The Isley Brothers and Fats Domino.


Travis Williams


I guess I started really getting interested in music around twelve years old. I had always grown up with my mother playing piano and accordion and my grandfather playing the harmonica. As a kid I would sing along. In my early teens my taste of music changed and it became a way to rebel. Somewhere around twelve or thirteen years of age I took to my father’s guitar, learned a few chords and then wound up finding the blues. Specifically, B.B. King! The way he could express so much emotion with a note or two was an eye-opening experience. I played around in many bands mostly blues and rock based from Kansas City, to Memphis to Dallas and Austin. Somewhere along the line I took an eight-year hiatus and wound up on the East Coast. Now I’m back and enjoying every minute of playing with these fine gentlemen.

My musical influences are all over the map but include: Al Green, Ravi Shankar, Derek Trucks, Warren Haynes, Galatic, James Brown, The JBs, Larry Grahm, Bootsy Collins, Led Zepplin, Grand Funk Railroad, Etta James, Bill Withers, The Beatles, The Grateful Dead. All of those artists have written timeless music.


Joe Bagby  

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